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Church Management System in CA

Are you struggling with fitting religion into your life? The Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh of real theology helps make religion more relevant in your life by using his own experiences as examples. Because of his varied work experience, he helps individuals with relationship counseling and church leaders evaluate, develop, and implement healthy church management systems. Steven Marsh counsels people in Laguna Woods, CA and surrounding areas.

Public Speaking & Audience Engagement

None of us really like moralistic and "preachy" presenters. The Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh is very personable and engaging. People say his presentations are not like a lecture, and that he has a way of making academic material accessible, personal, and applicable.

The Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh knows how to talk about really complicated subjects in a way that people can understand them, often using his own life experiences. Steven Marsh is also candid, forthright, and a straight talker who doesn't sugarcoat things. He often speaks to organizations that aid people caught in domestic violence, addictive systems, and brokenness.

Steven Marsh believes that the more honest you are about what's going on in your life, the better you can integrate what you learn from him into your life and see it work. He wants you to leave the room with hope and to visualize change in your life. From retreat centers and churches to college campuses and rented venues, the Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh speaks on a variety of subjects, including:

• World-views
• World Religions
• Philosophical Theology
• Historical Theology
• Basic Christian Beliefs
• Men's Issues

Church Management System in Laguna Woods, CA

Religious, Philosopical & Historical Consulting

Is your church in disarray? Regain control with help from the Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh. He consults on church management, organizational structures, and missional systems for ministry. Steven Marsh helps churches develop both an inward and outward focus, so that they can address those pushed to the margins of society.

You will learn how to provide sanctuary, meaning, and education for the populace in your community. He helps you create a sanctuary where the needy can go to obtain things that help them live a better life outside of the church. The reverend explains how you can create a church where everyone is welcome, because diversity is a major factor in today's society. Reverend Marsh's goal is to help you be effective the other six days of the week, not just on Sundays.