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To Be Condemned or Freed: a Reflection on Psalm 28, Psalm 46, Genesis 26:1-6; 12-33, Hebrews 13:17-2

We live in troubling times; and the troubles impact everyone. The Church is not immune and followers of Jesus must engage the troubles. When we do, hope becomes visible, if not tangible to those who are looking for a better way to live. God is my Rock. He will repay the wicked for their evil deeds. God is my strength and shepherd. Because God is a present strength in times of trouble, I will not fear. Fear leads people into a lifestyle of condemnation in times of trouble. This is where Christians can truly reach out and demonstrate freedom to those who are bound in condemnation. God is my refuge and strength and I will behold the works of the LORD. Isaac believed God and did not go down to Egypt. He settled in the land God told him to and was so blessed that those who occupied the territory asked him to leave, only to return and ask Isaac and his people to come back. Isaac was a testimony of God’s goodness to a people who did not know the God of Abraham. The Gospel is to free the condemned. That is our mission as followers of Jesus. Leaders in the Church are to keep watch over the souls in their care. We need to wake up and be good news to the trapped. Like the woman caught in adultery, when Jesus told her to “go and sin no more,” those are the words we should be saying time and time and time again. Many need to be freed. Would you not agree?

Scripture texts are taken from the two-year daily lectionary cycle which follows the liturgical calendar and begins on the First Sunday of Advent.

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