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Say "I Do" to a Religious Wedding Officiant Based in CA

You want to get married in a church, but for any number of reasons, you may think the church will reject your request. The Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh of real theology in Laguna Woods, CA serves as a nonjudgmental pre-martical counselor and wedding officiant for ceremonies in Southern California, Kansas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.


A Wedding Is a Blessing

lot of people think they can't have their weddings in churches because of their negative self-image, or because they don't trust churches or ministers. You don't have to settle for a justice of the peace to conduct your wedding just because you have negative feelings about the church.

The Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh reaches out to people who want to reach out to the church, but won't. He deals with a lot of Christians who still have faith, but are mistrusting of the church. Steven Marsh does everything possible to make your wedding a meaningful experience. Additionally, he becomes the church official you can call when you need help. Steven Marsh uses his skills to help people like you rebuild trust in the church.

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