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Being Noticed: a Reflection on Psalm 78:1-39, Isaiah 51:17-23, Galatians 4:1-11, and Mark 7:24-37

Our postmodern philosophical age is quite compelling. Truth is being debunked of its absoluteness, unchanging, and eternal aspects. Well, whether or not this philosophical treatment of truth is accurate, is yet to be seen. What I do know, it has lit a fire under me to examine if what I believe about truth is connected to my way of living.

The psalmist reminds me to give ear to God and to incline my ears to God’s word. That’s convicting, the amount of time of give to what others are saying about God seems to be exorbitant.

I believe that God is rousing me; waking me. I believe I see a church that is without direction. Where is the guide? People are looking. Is what the church is giving truly guiding people in truth? I pause. I make sure I am not jealous or judgmental. I am they and they are me.

We’ve become content with “baby food.” We like being minors, yet we resist the authority which minors are still under. We must become adults, but we better be prepared.

Jesus could go nowhere and love people without being noticed. What he did was not words about transformation, but transformation. No rhetoric with Jesus. People witnessed truth coming alive.

What are people looking for today? I believe a better way to live. Is the church that people are being drawn to today rooted in a living truth, or modern and pre-modern constructs?

After 32 years of ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA), I have had moments of following and leading in transformative truth. Oh how I want more. Experience matters. Yet, experience can also cause people to latch on to fear. Fear transforms, but in a very non-productive way.

Being noticed is imperative for followers of Jesus today. People are looking for guides. Most importantly, people are looking for a better way to live.

Scripture readings are taken from the two-year daily lectionary cycle which follows the liturgical calendar and begins on the First Sunday of Advent.

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