• Steven Marsh

Deluded Expectations

Jesus is the Christ which means he is the Savior. Unfortunately, many Christians have forgotten the ongoing practice of being saved. Jesus’ name means being saved from the stuff that is deadly. I wonder, do Christians believe that they need being saved or are their own efforts and righteousness enough?

So, I wonder about the performance expectations of the church today. Should worship entertain the audience? Must the first service actually demonstrate the “dress rehearsal” flaws so that worship can go on with the “show” in order to please the season ticket holders?  I am so disturbed that I want to make sure “worship” performs.

And I am not alone in this distress, I am sure; the dress rehearsals, practice sessions, lobby’s, audience, refreshments and all the other cultural trappings that press in from all sides in order to help people think that worship “rocks” and worship tickles where the audience has an itch. Oh my!!  I pray that God contends against the enemy of cultural relevancy. Free the local church; free me; free us from cultural preferences and wanting to look like the stuff that is popular.

Father, we have sinned, done wrong and acted wickedly. Well, I know I have. I walk away from cultural relevancy and its cry for conformity in order to be successful. “Rock on” sinners! How have I insulted the poor? I have, at times, succumbed to making the church hip, relevant and popular as opposed to being biblical, inclusive, open, engaging, caring, helping and committed to the rich and poor’s well-being.

I have a long way to go. Forgive me Father. May I be a leader who honors you, not popular trends with bargain values. Oh, I abhor the dress rehearsal tendencies of the Church. So many are being  jeopardized.

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