• Steven Marsh

Doing the Gospel: a Reflection on Psalm 27, Zechariah 8:9-17, Revelation 6:1-17 and Matthew 25:31-46

Doing the gospel. What a privilege. The Son of Man will return and separate the sheep he has been shepherding, although Jesus has shepherded through earthly shepherds like you and me. Let us seek God’s face. Let us speak the truth to one another. Let us come to the Lord. He is holy and true. And so, as we do the gospel, we will feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, welcome the marginalized, cloth the naked, take care of the sick and visit the prisoner. These are all acts of the gospel which Jesus says we are doing to him when we serve others. I want to see Jesus more in everyone. As I see Jesus in others, I serve more like Jesus. Doing the gospel, then, touches at the soul of humanity, one life at a time. Perhaps, then, by doing the gospel, others will see the truth and respond for themselves to Jesus Christ. What a joy. What an honor. What an honor and joy it is to do the gospel.

Scripture texts are taken from the two-year daily lectionary cycle which follows the liturgical calendar and begins on the First Sunday of Advent.

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