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The Gospel and the Fool: a Reflection on Psalm 14, Psalm 76, Micah 4:1-5; 5:2-4, 1 John 4:7-16 and J

Only “Fools” say that there is no God. Arrogance and intellectual integrity are two characteristics that are evident in the “Fool.” I have been one. And at times I still behave like one. But the psalmist is referring to a “Fool” as one who is such all the time. Perhaps this person is the unregenerate or non-elect. But, I continue to love the Fool. John admonishes me that if I do not love, I do not know God. That is direct. The LORD was, is and is to come. He is constant and holy. God has loved so much. And loving the Fool is at the core of the gospel. Jesus has been from the beginning and he is God. All things have come into being through Jesus; even the Fool. There is peace and security in obedience. It is compelling that from he least comes he greatest. And so the crux of the matter is love.

Scripture texts are taken from the two-year daily lectionary cycle which follows the liturgical calendar and begins on the First Sunday of Advent.

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