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We Cannot Be Agents of Transformation Without Being Transformed Ourselves: a Reflection on Psalm 119

Oh how happiness is fleeting and joy more permanent. No matter how hard we pursue happiness we miss it in a long lived sustainable manner. Perhaps joy is rooted in something or should I say someone Other. Happiness dare I say is rooted in something other.

Happiness and joy; not the same thing. Happiness is more circumstance based. Joy is something centered deep within our being which is rooted in gratitude and grace; rooted in the author of our gratitude and grace.

John the Baptist must have known joy to continue on the journey of being the lone voice, calling the religious establishment to account and showing others the way to a better life.

Our salvation is an ongoing experience and testimony of joy coming to fruition, is it not? In fact, the more we see obedience as the conduit for conversion to continue its “take over,” we will have something to say in word and deed about God’s will and purpose for our lives…for life.

Let us remember the words of the law…the words of the prophets…and the words of Jesus.

Together, fulfilled in Jesus Christ, they contain the Word of life. And there is great joy in the Word. For the Word has set us free; the Word indwells us. And as people transformed by joy, we can speak into culture, a culture desperately seeking meaning and purpose.

May we rise to the occasion. The hurting, homeless, hungry, marginalized, hated, oppressed, and wandering are waiting.

Scripture Readings are taken from the two-year daily lectionary cycle which follows the liturgical calendar and begins on the First Sunday of Advent.

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